Cliodhna - Queen of the Banshees

2021 | Short Film - 2D Animation / Stop Motion

Commissioned by ELK STUDIOS for an RTE Special Halloween 2021

Cliodhna, pronounced ‘‘clean-ah’’, is a 7-year-old Banshee. At school Cliodhna gets picked last in sports, she sits by herself at lunch, she never gets invited to anything, she’s lonely and misunderstood. As Halloween approaches Cliodhna gets an invite to a trick or treat party. Despite Cliodhna’s nerves, for the first time she feels like she fits in with her classmates and quickly realizes that being different is a good thing.

We worked closely with ELK STUDIOS to realise their vision for the project. Together we designed a mixed media production to match 2D animation and real scenarios. 

We love challenges and in quick step we can assemble a talented team to tackle your Production Management, Character Design, Key Animation, In-Between, Cleanup, Colouring and Scene Prep, all on time to hear the audience's applause behind us.

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